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SafePassage: Teen Talk

Listen up! Are you spending more time arguing with your teens than you would like? Argumentative teens are healthy teens says Andrea Peterson Wall Street Journal contributor. According to Peterson the most argumentative years for teens are between ages 10 to 13. Really? If looking back is 20/20 then it has to be said that...

SafePassage – The Brain

Recently I shared a cab with Dr. Sandy Newes, PhD.; we talked about business, mutual friends and families and her work with Q & A Associates. Sandy and I were heading to IECA Chicago where she and Steve Sawyer LCSW, CSAC, New Vision Wilderness, were presenting some of their research on Brain-Based Therapy and Advanced...
SafePassage - Dr. John Ratey MD

SafePassage – Dr. John Ratey MD

A few weeks ago I attended the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs Annual Conference in Irvine, CA where keynote speaker Dr. John J. Ratey, an Associate Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School discussed his research linking exercise to brain power. During the keynote address Dr. Ratey also introduced his latest book: Spark: The...