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SafePassage: Parents Think Twice

Time after time colleagues ask the same question: Should parents transport their at-risk adolescent to treatment? No, most of the time no is the correct answer to this question but perhaps not for the reasons you think. Most of you are probably thinking that it is important for parents to accompany their troubled teens because...

SafePassage: No Free Lunch, Seriously?

The attention of the Nation has recently been focused on children starving in our schools because somewhere school lunchroom employees have been instructed to trash trays of food for students whose meal accounts are…empty. It seems that this may have begun in New Jersey. According to someone from the Willingboro school district said they...
SafePassage: Parents Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

SafePassage: Parents Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Where do I send my teenager? I know my teen needs help but they are already over 17, it’s probably too late; shouldn’t I just wait until they are legal and send them packing? These are just some of the questions that goes through a parent’s mind when they are looking to add a therapeutic...