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SafePassage: Parents Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

SafePassage: Parents Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Where do I send my teenager? I know my teen needs help but they are already over 17, it’s probably too late; shouldn’t I just wait until they are legal and send them packing? These are just some of the questions that goes through a parent’s mind when they are looking to add a therapeutic...

Transport Luggage

Laura Morton, Woodbury Reports recently posted an article Luggage Checks detailing the need for parents to be mindful of the personal belongings they send with their children to wilderness or emotional growth therapeutic school or program. Since a Transport Team is often the conduit for a family to be able to move their teenager safely...

Working with Educational Consultants FAQs

Many parents seek the services of “Educational Consultants” when selecting a school or college for their child. They also use the services of Educational Consultants when selecting a program for a struggling teen and at-risk youth. SafePassage Adolescent Services works with qualified Educational Consultants located throughout the country. The following are just a few of...