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SafePassage - Storytelling

SafePassage – Storytelling

Richard Stone, President of Story Work Institute was the keynote speaker today at the National Associational of Therapeutic Schools and Programs conference in Orlando, FL this week. Rick demonstrated the value of storytelling for helping struggling teens to heal and move forward defining meaning and purpose in their lives. With his interactive presentation to more...
SafePassage - Secret Word

SafePassage – Secret Word

In a recent conversation with a grandmother she related a time from many years ago when her now grown daughter was small – a gentler and quieter time in small town America. Her daughter was 5 years old and had gone to a friend’s house to play. The friend, her mom and my friend’s daughter...
SafePassage - Missing Juveniles

SafePassage – Missing Juveniles

Being caught up in a situation where an adolescent has been abducted or gone missing is a frightening experience. Time is of the essence and unfortunately all too often it becomes a time when parents succumb to emotional paralysis. To avoid this reaction be proactive. Set out to have a plan of action in case...
SafePassage - Amy Chua IECA Conference

SafePassage – Amy Chua IECA Conference

One of the highlights of the recent IECA Conference in Philadelphia was a presentation given by Amy Chua: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Many of you may have seen her interviewed on television or seen some of the snippets with her children on YouTube. I must say she is even more dynamic in person....
SafePassage Adolescent Services

SafePassage Adolescent Services

Is your teenager heading down a dangerous path? You don’t have to follow them alone – we are here to help. As a matter of fact, we help dozens of families every year locate and transport at-risk youth. Managing a troubled teen can be an overwhelming struggle but a struggle you can overcome. We know...